Natural and Modern Combination in Interior Decoration

wood-lightblueNatural wood combined with monochrome surfaces can look really amazing. There are many options to do that in the interior. For example, you can find furniture with natural wood base, and single color doors. You can also insert simple solid wood furniture near monochrome walls. You can even combine different furniture. There are actually limitless options available and many of them are very beautiful. Combing natural wood with multicolor objects and surfaces is not so good because it gets tiring for the eye. clear and clean single colors offer a a great and modern sense. You can also use live and intensive colors, and the result can be really amazing. Check if you want the images below some ideas about these mixes that you can apply in your interior design.





Most people would think it will be a disaster combining an intensive purple color and natural wood. As you can see the result can be wonderful modern and also special and unique. In such cases you should just avoid using dark wood in order to keep a good color contrast







Combination of modern light green and purple colors and furniture with natural wood classic table

Laminate Flooring benefits

Preverco_ClassicWhen you’re considering which flooring to choose for your home, there are several things to think about, including durability, practicality, and of course how good it looks.

If you’re wanting a floor which is visually appealing, is easy to clean, and will stand up to heavy footfall, then laminate flooring could be an ideal solution.



One of the major benefits of laminate flooring is that it’s very durable, and this is mainly down to how it is constructed.

Laminate is typically made up of four different layers; the stabilizing layer, core, decorative or image and wearlayer.  The first to these is the very bottom of the flooring, which provides a protective barrier between the subfloor and the coreboard, which creates equality on either side of the plank ensuring there is no unnecessary movement within the board.

The core layer compromises of High Density Fibreboard, which is made of highly compacted wood fibres and resins which support the weight of the people who walk over it.

The image layer is exactly that – the layer on which the image is printed, which gives the laminate that real wood look.

Finally, the wear layer is made of cellulose paper which is saturated with a melamine plastic resin.  This protects the flooring from fading, wear and tear and stains.

Unlike real wood flooring, laminate is also waterproof, making it a better solution for kitchens, utility rooms and bathrooms.


Laminate flooring is available in a range of different styles, including those which replicate various species of wood, from oak to walnut and everything in between.

Many laminate options also come with a textured grain effect and embossed patterns, which make them almost indistinguishable to the genuine article.


Another advantage to laminate flooring is that it is easy to clean and maintain. Regular sweeping and wet mopping will keep your laminate in top condition and ensure that it lasts for as long as possible.


It’s no surprise that laminate is considerably cheaper than it’s real wood alternatives, which makes it an ideal option if you are looking to redecorate on a budget.

Even if the purse strings are tight, laying a laminate floor can give your home a fresh new look, and can improve its appeal on the housing market when you’re ready to move on.

Villa Interior Decoration Ideas

It’s not enough to simply buy a beautiful house. The most appealing, inviting spaces are attuned to the unique identity and preferences of the owner, creating a space that’s a reflection of who they are as a person. Atelier Innovation provides innovative, creative home and residential interior design to make every moment of your life beautiful.

We perfectly align our services to the requirements of your home and your lifestyle, resulting in highly liveable, extremely attractive interiors that enhance the existing beauty of the structure and the surrounding environment.

Office interior Design ideas

No office space is perfect until you’ve moulded it for your people, your processes and your purposes. To deliver your new business home, traditionally you’d look for an architect and then engage an office fit-out contractor. Perhaps you’d need a project manager to oversee the refurbishment too.

Our design and build capability means you don’t need to juggle all those contacts or take the risk, and you are assured of cost certainty. We have in-house design, construction and project management expertise who work as a team with total accountability, delivering a fast-track fit-out.

Vinyl Flooring supply and installation contractor in dubai

Atelier innovation delighted to launch its brand new FLOORS & WALLS division,  which got a big brands under its flagship from Europe (Like , Altro -UK , Meister –Germany & Vorwerk -Germany).

We at atelier innovation focused to provide safety and hygiene floors & walls in health and education sector.

Having very strong brands like Altro, Meister & Vorwerk who always focused on providing innovative products considering health & safety, we believe that we can go beyond the limit in providing very rich experience to our customers. Please feel free to get in touch with us, we have dedicated technical team to support your queries and requirements.

Atelier Innovation undertakes projects size from 50M2 to 50,000 M2 from small office to large shopping malls, clinics to multi-storey hospitals, kindergartens to universities and much more.

False Ceiling Contractor in Dubai-UAE-Atelier Innovation- 04-2250123

Our ceiling and partitioning division is having proven track record for past 10 years as specialist in supply, design and installation of all types of ceilings, partitions and dry lining across UAE.

Our team of experts can advise you in all aspects of your partition and ceiling requirements including acoustic, fire rating and decorative. We are accredited by most of the ceiling and partition manufacturers. Like, Knauf, USG, Boral, AMF, Armstrong, Rockfon OWA and many more.

Atelier innovation LLC stands by its promise of quality and reliability in every deal and in every false ceiling and partition contract it enters. We are most preferred false ceiling and partition contractor across the emirates for the reason the service we provide and the quality we produce.

Having completed most prestigious projects successfully in all sectors such education, healthcare, hospitality and commercials, Atelier Innovations takes pride to claim that we are not only preferred contractor by our clients and also by most of the manufactures, consultants and designers. Atelier Innovation undertakes projects size from 50M2 to 50,000 M2 from small office to large shopping malls, clinics to multi-storey hospitals, kindergartens to universities and much more.

We have skilled workers who will translate the design into reality with uncompromised quality and timeline. Our team has been building for over a decade and the entire labor force is trained to the highest standard. Our clients appreciate seeing the same labor force from one project to the next and feel confident that the quality of previous contracts will be maintained.

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North London Collegiate School -Atelier Innovation LLC

Since 1850, North London Collegiate School (UK) has maintained its reputation for providing an outstanding education. NLCS opened its first branch school in Jeju, South Korea in 2011 and NLCS Dubai will open in September 2017, offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) education to boys and girls from age 3 to 18.

We Atelier Innovation take a pride to be part of the successful project under the main contractor Ms. Shoba engineering and contracting LLC and completing our scope ( false ceiling and partition ) successfully.

Atelier Innovation strives to be the client’s choice for engineering services based upon our ongoing record of meeting or exceeding their expectations. We are committed to: providing long-term commitment and support to our clients. remaining at the cutting edge of manufacturing (fabrication and machining) services and combining this knowledge with the highest standards of engineering practice. achieving the highest level of innovation, skill and competence in our field.

3D Gypsum Panel


Decorative plaster is a stunning three-dimensional drawing on the walls in your apartment or house. Aura series includes the original panel with a lot of lines that catch the eye with their complex curves. Embossed wall panels Aura perfectly suited to the modern interior in the style of minimalism or hi-tech, it adds brightness and boldness. Panel with a soft, unobtrusive but very beautiful interweaving lines will look great both as a design element of the niche, and as a background pattern on the wall. Picking the right shade for the decorative panels for walls, you can create a truly unique design that will accentuate your perfect taste.

Structure and Characteristics

Item No.: M-0011

Length: 600x600x30 mm

3d Gypsum panel uae
3D gypsum panel

Weight: 4,3 kg

min relief height: 12 mm

max relief height: 33 mm

Quantity in pack: 1


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